Bicycle Gaff Cards

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A great set of Gaff Cards made from bicycle cards and with instructions for several unique routines. 

Here are just some of the effects that can be performed: 

- A card is selected and shuffled back into the deck. A spectator blows a kiss towards the deck. Magically her kiss finds the selected card and appears on it!
- A prediction card is put on the table. Now the spectator is asked to roll a die, add the number that comes out with the number on the opposite side of the die, and divide the total by two. Unfortunately the outcome is three and a half so it seems impossible that the prediction card could be right… until it is turned over to show that it is a three and a half!
- You show a card, saying that it has just been printed and the paint is still fresh ... you then proceed to magically completely smuge it!
- Show a card, then quickly shake it so that the spectators can now just see a blurred image. When you stop shaking the card will continued to look blurred!
- Show a queen of hearts, a stroke and it starts fading away. With another stroke it fades away even further. With a last stroke the queen fades away completely, leaving behind just a white card!

In this pack you will get a pack of normal bicycle cards and 10 additional gimmicked cards made from bicycle stock. You will also get full colour instructions on how to perform 7 stunning tricks using your special cards and the normal deck. 

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