Card Thru Window DVD by Steve Branham

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Now you can perform this world famous trick like you have seen the street magicians perform on TV.

You have seen this on TV with the likes of David Blaine and others, now you can do it too. We have tried and tested many different versions of this trick before we settled on this one. We believe for the money this is the best version you can get.

This is an effect that can be performed on the street, at a party or practically anywhere. The card is shuffled and lost in the deck. The deck is thrown at a store window, store glass door, etc. Their selected card appears stuck to the glass - BUT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLASS.

You will learn: The Standard Card Thru Window, The Signed Card Thru Window, Corner Thru Window, and a Bonus no one will believe!

You will need a deck of cards (a few spare duplicates) and some magicians wax is useful, we sell all of this (see below). 

Watch the video demo:

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