Funny Prediction

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A very funny card prediction with several surprises along the way.

A person in the audience chooses a card, magicians says that he already has a prediction in his pocket.  But it has the wrong card on it!

Embarrassed he unfolds the prediction and shows that, there is the back of a card.  He tells the audience that the prediction was not completely wrong because the back of the cardis the same!

Next he unfolds the prediction again showing a large joker and says dont worry Im a professional magician, and Im only Joking! But then he unfolds the prediction once more and showsthe image of 52 playing cards and points to the chosen one. 

The magician unfolds one final time his prediction, showing a giant image of the exact card chosen!

This is fun and easy to perform. You will need to supply your own deck of cards, any deck will do but if you want it to match the gimmick supplied you will need a blue backed bicycle (nice but not essential in my opinion) which you can purchase from us here: Blue Bicycle Deck

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