Melt Down

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We love this trick - a card melts right on to the back of another!

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We love this trick, it’s easy to perform, self working with lots of possibilities. 

You are supplied with a special wallet made from scratch for this trick. Inside there are two cards clearly visible through clear panels. One is a picture card the other is the nine of clubs.

Point to the picture and ask a spectator to remove it and place it face up on his palm. Ask the spectator to name the other card in the wallet (9 of clubs) – now you remove it and place it face down on top of the picture card. You may casually show the wallet empty at this point.

Have your spectator cover the two cards with your hands. Your spectator is instructed to imagine that the nine of clubs is sinking to the bottom. Have him lift his hand and as you turn over the top card you reveal it has now turned blank.

Your spectator turns over the picture card to discover the 9 of clubs has actually melted onto the back of the picture card. This leaves your spectator totally stunned.

Cards can be examined afterwards and remember instant reset. Just put the cards back in the wallet and you are ready to perform again. Well made wallet that will last for years.

Watch our very basic performance below. I am sure you can do better!

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