The Al Baker Deck

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Our favourite gimmicked deck. You can perform professional card magic easily.

The Al Baker Deck is assembled in our Bristol magic shop from the Rolls Royce of playing cards the world famous bicycle deck. This deck is:

  • Favoured by you it has been our best selling deck for many years.
  • Favoured by me its my go to deck when performing card magic.
  • Practically self-working perform card tricks you never thought possible.
  • Versatile comes with easy to follow instructions for several stunning tricks.

This gimmicked deck will allow you to perform professional card magic with no sleight of hand! This special deck enables the performer to present miracles which cannot be done using a normal or fake pack of another description.

Along with the professional deck you will get instructions teaching you how to:

Force a Card - show that the cards are different, turn them over but from a 'free' choice you can easily force a card on a spectator. The ability to force a card opens up a world of card magic limited only by your imagination.  

Famous Stop Trick - Place cards into a glass one at a time, when the spectator shouts 'stop' it is the card they chose at the beginning.

Mind Reading Outdone! - Cut the deck in two piles and then divine the name of a card picked from each pile.

Cute Card Stab  WOW! An amazingly visual trick.  A card is picked, replaced and the pack cut burying the chosen card. The magician shows the chosen card is not in the bottom or top few cards and wrap the deck in tissue paper or a napkin. Ask a spectator to plunge a table knife into the deck and it will always cut at the chosen card!

52 Alike?  A little comedy routine using this famous deck.

Al Baker was born in Poughkeepsie, New York on April 4, 1874

Al was a world class magician, author, magic shop owner as well as a first rate inventor of tricks. His performances were legendary early last century and his inventive genius lives on through his magic today. 

Al Baker was renowned for his performances in bars and saloons. Carry this deck with you and you will be able to perform magic that will blow your audience away, anytime you please.

We highly recommend this professional deck if you like card tricks, you will love this deck.

One of our supporters included this in a review of our top 4 products, check it out:

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By on  10 Oct. 2018 (The Al Baker Deck) :

Great Deck

I love card tricks and I got this on a whim, I don't regret it!

I haven't heard of this deck before which is probably a good thing as unlike other 'special decks' its not well known to the lay man.

You can't pass the whole deck out for examination and I was planning on using a spare normal bicycle deck to switch out. However the deck handles really well and I haven't been questioned yet so haven't bothered with the switch.

Comes with a number of great routines which I am beginning to adapt and make my own.

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