The Web Trick by Jim Pace

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The Web Trick is a card trick with a surprise ending that will make your audience jump.

The Web Trick is one of the scariest tricks around. You ask the spectator to place her hand out, palm up. Count out four blank face cards onto her palm-up hand. With a magic word, each card now has a spider web appear and disappear on its face.  In conclusion, ask her to wave her hand over the cards.  As she does,  there is a giant realistic black spider on the back of her hand!

All good magic should look to evoke an emotional response and this trick certainly does that. This trick will strike a wonderful primeval fear into your audience. It starts out like an innocent card trick and ends with a punch.

The magic is quite simple but you will certainly get a reaction with this one. They will either laugh or depending on your spectator, scream and jump a mile. It is great fun to perform.

You will receive, special bicycle cards, an adhesive spider and detailed instructions.

There are a number of online videos demonstrating this trick, take a look at just one below:

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