ESP Cube

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An elegant cube slides along a string and stops at the magicians command. 

An elegant cube slides along a string and stops at the magician’s order... challenging the gravity law! Then it starts sliding again and, at another order, it stops again. Even spectators can try to give orders to the cube, but it will slide down without obeying them.

The cube is made of a unique block of burnished aluminum. Very nice!

• All can be given out for examination and this makes everything much more mysterious.
• The secret move for preparing the cube, or for giving it to the audience, takes a second and it can be done in front of the unaware spectator.
• The mechanism is really simple but, at the same time, absolutely undecipherable.
• New model, patterned with E.S.P. symbols.
• The cube measures about 1.6 inches x 1.6 inches. 

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