The Amazing Mind Bending Spoon

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Most incredible metal bending effect I've ever seen!

Most incredible metal bending effect I've ever seen!

You pick up a spoon from the table. You hold it at your fingertips, and proceed to concentrate. Slowly, eerily, and methodically, the spoon begins to bend until it is at a 90 degree angle. You can choose the SPEED and whether the handle or the bowl of the spoon bends! It seems impossible, but it happens right before your friend's eyes!

You TAKE THAT VERY SAME SPOON and display it in its bent position, then drop it on the table for full examination. Whoa, that's cool!

Think how impressed your friends and family will be when they see YOU bending a spoon with your mind! This trick is a must-have for ANY magician that wants to astonish their audience.

• No special set-up
• No chemicals
• Completely self-contained
• The gimmick is nearly invisible
• Can be performed completely surrounded
• Can be instantly repeated with no reset involved

Watch It! See it being performed below.

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