Amazing Card Sleeve

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This most amazing close-up card illusion to have appeared in recent times.

This is one of the most amazing close-up illusions to have appeared in recent times and as happens with any good new magic idea there are several copies based on this clever method now available under various names (like WOW!). This one is well made and comes to you at nearly a quarter of the price of some other versions.

In effect a playing card in a clear plastic sleeve instantly changes into a completely different card without any cover. You may also use the sleeve to produce or vanish a card. The change is visual and takes place in an instant under the audience's nose. You can hand over the changed card for examination, and show the clear sleeve completely empty at the finish.

You can use it with any card (not supplied) but we recommend bicycle cards (pick up a pack below).

Very easy to perform and highly recommended. This is visual magic at its very best.


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