Crazy Coin Funnel

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Make coins pass thru a solid metal wall with this amazing magical apparatus!

With the crazy coin funnel you can easily make coins pass through a solid metal wall!

Amazing magical apparatus! Easy to perform!

Note from Magic by Post

This is a quality prop that uses a classic magical effect that will baffle your audience, best of all it requires very little practice to perfect.  Whilst it is designed for the American quarter coin it also works perfectly with the new English 10p (we have road tested it!) but only those produced from 1992 to 2012. From 2012 the 10p is made from steel and is thicker meaning it will not work. Don't worry, there are plenty of 10p coins that will work with this trick as they are still very common and will be for many years to come.

Watch the demo below


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By on  16 Dec. 2018 (Crazy Coin Funnel) :

Excellent product!!!

Love this effect takes a little practice but the explanation video tells all. Easy to do - yes.
Quality materials - not a cheap plastic thing!
As always from Magic by Post you get excellent products.

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