31 Easy & Effective Card Trick Set

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Simple but effective card magic set with 31 stunning card tricks and a deck of cards to amaze your friends and family.

Tricks that are easy to do are always very popular, not only with the magician but also with your audience. As a matter of fact, the less you seem to have to do with a trick the better the effect.

This is a wonderful set that makes a perfect gift and is simplicity itself. We supply a lovely book on simple but effective card tricks that are easy to perform and a pack of standard bicycle cards, the go to deck for professional magicians.

Rob Roy outlines 31 mystifying tricks which can be performed at a moment's notice with any ordinary deck of cards. No sleight of hand required.

Simple to learn, but bewildering to the audience. Spend an hour or two reading this 32 page book and demonstrate the card miracles of the professionals.

A good book for the beginner, a "refresher course" for the advanced performer. Good material for everyone.

Please note, bicycle deck supplied could be either red or blue backed.

If you want to take your card magic to the next level then for us the Royal Road to Card Magic is a must have book.

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