Sixth Little Finger

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A little magical helping hand that will raise a smile.

Wear the little monster hand on your little finger. Ask your friend to come closer to see a wonderful secret. With your friend staring closely, suddenly open your hand. Your friend will jump back, then laugh.

I have seen expensive versions of this trick that cost over £20, this is a novelty version that is still very fun to use. It slips nice and tightly over your finger, it is so unexpected it gets a great reaction. I slip it on, pull people close and then explain that as a magician I get a little helping hand to make my tricks run smoothly, never normally seen, I am going to reveal it to you today... the little hand then jumps out! 

How will you use yours?

A nice close-up gag that is fun to use but due to its small size is not suitable for small children.

Watch a very brief video demo:


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