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Self-Working Mental Magic

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67 foolproof mind reading tricks.

By Karl Fulves (Paperback)

67 foolproof mind reading tricks. Mental magic is what magicians call their feats of mind reading. This book presents spectacular effects that seem impossible…and in which you will be credited with having special powers! I know because I used to perform many of these in my act and audience members would come up telling me about their ESP experiences because they believed what I had done was real.

You can do these tricks as none of them require long practice or special dexterity. Mr Fulves precise, easy to follow instructions and 73 illustrations will allow you to perform mystifying mental magic such as: Instant ESP, Mind over Matter, Book Test, Psychic Secrets, Sleight Sorcery, Miracle with Cards, Psychometry.

All involve easy to find materials; cards, coins, matches, dice, keys, chalk etc. While the materials are ordinary, the effects achieved are truly extraordinary. 121 pages.

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