Copper Silver - 10p / 2p version

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A superb trick for the beginner and a stunning trick for the expert magician.This is the 10p / 2p version of the classic copper / silver coin trick.

A simple but baffling trick can be performed with this special coin created by our British engineer. Easy to perform with stunning results. 

Show a 10p coin in one hand and a 2p in another, close your hands and when you open them again the coins have swapped places. This is just the basic routine with this precision engineered coin, many routines are possible and the transposition can even happen in your spectators hand. 

You will receive one specially engineered coin made from a real 10p and 2p. You will also get written instructions with clear handling routines and further ideas to explore. This trick is easy to perform with no sleight of hand but with a little practice the door gets opened to even more baffling routines. 

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