Brass Okito Coin Box
Brass Okito Coin Box

Okito Coin Box - Brass

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Perform excellent coin magic with the classic Okito box. Our version is made from brass and is supplied with a detailed 53 page booklet from the leading authority on the subject, Mohammed Bey.

This is a quality turned brass box. The Okito box by itself is completely innocent, and can be thoroughly examined by the spectators.

With the help of a few simple moves, you can do some excellent coin magic with this box, making coins appear, vanish or penetrate through the box.

As well as the beautiful Okito coin box you will receive instructions outlining basic handling routines ensuring you have the correct technique. The instructions also outline a couple of decent effects to get you started.


We include a 53 page booklet

We want you to get the very most from your Okito coin box so in addition to the basic instructions we are including a 53 page soft bound booklet.

This classic by Mohammed Bey is one of the best books written on the subject. The author takes you through each routine step by step in easy to understand language. Loaded with illustrations and photographs, and contains excellent routines. There are even bonus ideas by Harvey Rosenthal and Edward J. McLaughlin. 53 pages - softbound.


A note about coins to use with the wonderful Okito box:

The Okito coin box is specially made for use with half dollar coins but it works perfectly well with a number of UK coins and coins from other countries. I know magicians who use:

·      The American half dollar, they are large, attractive and easy to handle.

·      The old English penny coin (which is the closest in size to the American half dollar and easily available).

·      The UK £2 coin.  

·      The UK 50p coin.

Personally I use the 50p coin. Ideally I think you should use your local currency and I like the contrast of the shape and silver 50p to the round brass box.

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