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The Phantom Kit

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Any borrowed coin can be vanished. No jacket required.

Imagine borrowing a £20 note from your spectator and make it vanish right before their eyes, even with your sleeves rolled up! The Phantom Kit does this and so much more.

With the Phantom you can make any coin vanish right from your hands. You can even make a £20 note transform into another note right in your hands and in full open view with your audience!


  • Gimmick & Special Props.
  • A teaching DVD which fully explains how to get the most from using your Phantom with new techniques for the street performer.

Check out the video demo below.

Historical Significance in Magic

This effect has evolved from the gambler's holdout. Most of the holdout devices used in the present day were invented in the 19th century. We believe the combination of functions with the added hook up method make the Phantom Kit unique.

Note from Magic by Post

We have worked with the BAT and Raven props for many years. We had always preferred the Raven but feel the new Phantom kit is even better. We have set the price extremely competitively and if you havent already got the Raven the Phantom kit will have you performing new miracles in no time! Easy to use and can be performed anytime, anywhere.

What the forums say

Before we stock a new trick, we test is ourselves in front of a live audience and then also see what the magic forums have to say. Here is a selection of comments from the top magic forums:

  • The gimmick is well made and the teaching DVD excellent a solid buy!
  • Like the Raven but better! The new hook up is excellent and allows you to vanish borrowed items. Recommended for beginners, amateurs and hobbyists. Even the seasoned professional may get a nugget or two out of the additional information provided in the routines and handling.
  • I love this kit well worth the £30 I paid for it!

Check out the video demo below. 


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