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Quirky Coin Duo

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Two great coin tricks for the price of one. 

Get a free coin bat trick this Christmas with the amazing Ghost coin. 

The Ghost Coin is an absolute classic trick, the secret technique was used by Harry Houdini.

Marked and held by a spectator the Ghost Coin is dropped into a glass of water. Despite being secured by a cloth over the top held in place by a rubber band the coin vanishes into thin air only to reappear anywhere you desire.

Practically self-working, carry the Ghost Coin around and perform it anytime and fully surrounded.

A fantastically puzzling trick. We supply the secret prop, full instructions and of course the Ghost Coin which is a silver collectors coin with a profile of Harry Houdini on each side.

This trick is inspired by the greatest and most sensational of all Houdinis escapes, his Chinese Water Torture Cell. This trick brings historic stage escapism to the close-up street magician.

Fun to perform, you can weave great history into a fantastic close up miracle. Get it today you will not be disappointed!

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