Money Making Machine (Stage Size)

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This is a visual trick that has stood the test of time. Turn blank paper into money.

This is a Close-up trick that has stood the test of time. In it’s simplest form you show your audience a washing machine and tell them this is what your great grandmother used to roll out her clothes to squeeze out the water 50 years ago.

However, instead of drying out clothes it prints money! To demonstrate this you take a piece of blank paper and insert it between the rollers, turn the knob and out comes a £20 note. You do this again and again.

Ask a spectator for a five pound note and out comes a blank piece of paper – the magic only works for you.

You can also change, say a British note into a foreign note or vice versa. There are all sorts of variations you can enjoy with this device.

Full instructions included. This is a professional version of this famous trick. Size 175 mm x 150 mm. Made of metal and wood.

Watch it being performed below:

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