Mental Pen by Joao Miranda and Gustavo Sereno

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Probably the most diabolical gimmicked pen ever devised. This will allow you to perform stunning magic.

Want to blow away your spectators with diabolical mentalism? Welcome to Mental Pen, a diabolical creation of Jo?o Miranda and Gustavo Sereno. 

Mental Pen allows you to create REAL MAGIC. The kind of magic that gets into their minds and leaves them totally stunned. 

With Mental Pen, what the spectator marks with a Sharpie, matches the magician's prediction! The routines possible are endless. 

It can be performed with any book, magazine, napkin, receipt or even a blank piece of paper, allowing the magician to perform a variety of different routines. 


- The spectator holds the pen the entire time 
- No switches 
- The "secret" is activated by the spectator himself! 
- Endless routines are possible, either for close-up or stage 
- You can use the pen as a regular Sharpie 
- Diabolical gimmick makes the effect super easy to perform 

Comes complete with Sharpie and all gimmicks needed.

Note from Magic by Post: This is not a cheap trick but it is a joy to perform. The pen has a couple of very clever secrets and there are so many original routines you can perform. This is a modern classic and comes highly recommended.

Take a look at this review from the Magic Cafe forum:


– The most impressive thing with the Mental Pen is that the spectator will do all the work for you, you don’t have to touch, switch or do anything with the pen ! The spectator himself will trigger the gimmick, which I find very cool.

– The gimmicks are really well made, I can imagine all the work that was needed to make such small gimmicks ! They did an amazing job and they provide you with 3 gimmicks so if you lose one, you can still take another one.

– It will work on any Sharpie so you can easily fit the gimmicks on another gimmicked sharpie such as Smoke 2.0, Double Cross or anything else. You will have a powerful weapon all built into a simple Sharpie pen.

– Even if you need something else is needed to reset the gimmick, the reset is very quick, I would say less than 10 seconds.
– This is more a tool than a trick in itself, I like the fact you can come up with your own routines, but I wouldn’t do all of them to the same spectators because they may find something weird about always writing with that Sharpie.

– This is much more intelligent than a pen that doesn’t write when it is hold upside down, João and his team really work this a lot !

– It doesn’t take any space at all, it works as a regular sharpie so you don’t have any excuse for not carrying this !


– You have to carry an additional tool in order to reset the pen, I would have liked something self-contained.

Overall rating: This is an amazing tool that you can carry everywhere, you must have this in your pocket ! 4/4 hearts.

As for the difficulty level, nothing hard, the gimmick works itself, so you can fully concentrate on your routine and presentation, I would say 1/5 stars.

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