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Two distinct blisters appear on your fingers in the shape of a card chosen by a spectator!

Outrageously impossible magic that will stun and even scare your audience.

A shocking illusion that is so much more than a card trick. A spectator picks a card from a deck for everyone to see. You reach into your pocket and pull out a lighter (or use a candle if the situation permits). Ask your spectator to stare into the flame and think of their card.

Now, with a burning intensity thrust your fingers into the flame Ouch! Pull out your blistered fingers, nasty, but wait the blisters spell out the chosen card.

This is a lovely, workable, unusual and visual magic trick that will floor your audience.

Note from Magic by Post

We love performing this one and think it is important to call out the history and give credit to the people who created and developed this wonderful trick.

Jack Kent Tillar released the original 'blister effect'  back in 1972 in the volume 7 of the Tarbell books. At the time it was considered a brand new effect in magic and was quickly embraced by the magic fraternity. Since then it has been a mainstay for mentalists and magicians all over the world.

For over 10 years we stocked the wonderful Pyro Perception by Brent Walske but in recent times we have struggled to get a regular and reliable stock of this trick. There are plenty of variations on the market but to ensure quality at the best possible price this gimmick is now precision made at our dental laboratory in Bristol. We are determined to keep this trick available to our customers. The instructions have been written by us directly based on our experience of performing it. You will need to supply your own deck of cards.

Please note, this trick is for over 18s only.

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By on  18 Dec. 2018 (Ouch!) :


Freaks people out I will be doing this Xmas day. Easy to perform is an understatement! Keep in your pocket and you are ready to go anywhere anytime. Not for the fainthearted!

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By on  11 Oct. 2018 (Ouch!) :

Very effective

This is one of those simple but very effective tricks. If you are a bit of a showman you will love it.

I carry the secret thingy around ready to perform with any deck, even a borrowed one.

Thanks for the recommendation and speedy delivery guys, hope this review helps!

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By on  07 July 2018 (Ouch!) :

This is hot!

Got this trick a few weeks ago, didn't know what to expect but love it. Haven't really heard of the secret before but i gather its been around a while. I have knocked a star off as you have to force a card but this is only one small part of the trick and the instructions cover this off with ease. I like the fact you can make a number of different cards appear on your fingers and if you get it right this has a WOW factor.

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