Confined Cubes

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Rare sought after Tenyo trick that has been discontinued. We have a limited supply of this wonderful trick. Brand new with English instructions. Two cubes change places instantly before your eyes.

This is a 2002 Tenyo trick created by Shigeru Sugawara. It has long been discontinued and is now very sought after. In later 2020 we stumbled across a dusty box in our magic shop when making some renovations. When we opened it, to our surprise it was full of brand new Tenyo tricks from nearly 20 years previous. A shipment we lost! Some of this tricks are very rare. One of each has been added to our own personal collection but we are selling the rest. The price reflects their rarity and collectability. As our stock gets lower the price will increase. We are happy holding on to them! 

Two cubes are displayed, each of a different color and size.

One cube is inserted into a tube, and a thin stick is inserted from the side, locking that cube in place. This cube can be plainly seen the entire time through a window on the tube. When the magician taps a second cube against the bottom of the tube, this cube instantly penetrates inside of the tube, ending up skewered on the thin stick! You can also magically remove a cube that had been locked inside the tube by the stick.

Although the cube is locked in place by the stick, and inserted inside of a tube that leaves no room for any secret switches, you can transpose the two cubes under these impossible conditions.

You will enjoy the visual shock of this instantaneous transformation, as well as the clever secret that eclipses the imagination of laymen and magicians.

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