Fortune Donut

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A perfect prediction. Know the outcome of an apparently free choice. Another great trick from the world famous Tenyo magic company.

Show your audience a circular-shaped card that contains the pictures of many playing cards. Allow your spectator to make a completely free choice of a one card. Using a pair of scissors, cut out the chosen card. When you turn everything over, the freely chosen card is the only one with a red back. However, all of the other non-chosen cards have blue backs.

This prediction magic is sure to baffle. Your spectator will be delighted, since she can keep the cut-out card as a “lucky card.” Every time she looks at that card, she will be reminded of you. A pair of scissors with rounded tips are included for convenience, so you can perform this trick immediately. (You can also use your own scissors at home.) You are supplied with enough Fortune Donut cards for twenty (20) performances.

What users of the magic cafe say:

'I confirm that it is one of the most ingenious and clever trick ever produced by Tenyo. Really easy to do and clever. You also have to use a full disc to practice with the scissors included.You could also use your own scissors with some specifications.'

'In my opinion, one of Tenyo's best tricks ever!'

'I should keep my mouth shut on this and try to keep it as unhyped as possible, but this thing is pure genius in my view.'

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