Four Dimensional Trunk

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Pull out a golf ball from an impossibly small and thin briefcase. Another classic from Tenyo.

American magic creator J C Doty became famous for his production of a full size bowling ball from a thin brief case that was much too small to contain the ball. This is a lightweight version of the same trick that enable you to perform this powerful effect, close-up any time. 

A plastic gold ball is included so you can start performing straight out of the package but you can substitute it for a real golf ball. 

Why is this Tenyo trick in our collection?

 - Very visual and a little different. Not just your usual card trick, the props are fun to work with.

 - Very easy to perform and great audience reaction. 

 - Good feedback from our customers. Popular with those who play golf. 

 - Released by Tenyo in 2006. This trick has stood the test of time and is well liked by the Tenyo fanbase and magic forums. 

Take a look at the video demo:

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