Magicians Finger

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Rare Tenyo trick that has been discontinued. We only have one of this trick. Brand new with English instructions.

In late 2020 we stumbled across a dusty box in our magic shop when making some renovations. When we opened it, to our surprise it was full of brand new Tenyo tricks from nearly 20 years previous. A shipment we lost! Some of this tricks are very rare. One of each has been added to our own personal collection but we are selling the rest. The price reflects their rarity and collectability. As our stock gets lower the price will increase. We are happy holding on to them!

An odd-looking gold finger is shown to rest inside of a box. “This is a replica of a legendary magician’s finger. It helped him to become extremely rich. Some people believe that the finger still contains some magic power.” The magician places a sheet of blank paper on top of the finger, and places the lid onto the box. When the lid is removed, the blank paper has transformed into a real dollar bill! When the lid is replaced and removed again, the finger comes to life and transforms into a real, live finger. When the box is covered one more time, the bill turns back into paper, and the finger turns back into the gold replica.

Your audience will think that this trick is simply about changing the blank paper into real currency, so they will be shocked by the surprising climax. You can choose to present this as a dark mystery, or as a light-hearted joke to provoke laughter. It's up to you!

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