Zig Zag Cig

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This is the classic pocket version of the zig zag lady that can be performed any time and with a variety of objects. 

Since the invention of the fantastic Zig Zag Lady illusion, people have been fascinated with the idea of cutting someone into thirds and restoring them. Now you can carry this pocket size version with you at all times. 

A borrowed cigarette is placed into a case where it remains fully visible. The center portion of the case is pulled sideways, cutting the cigarette into three separate pieces which can be removed and examined. The center portion is pushed back into place and instantly the cigarette is TOTALLY RESTORED and can be handed out immediately.

Designed by Hiroshi Kondo and released by Tenyo in 1981.

Why is this Tenyo trick in our collection?

 - Very good ratings on Tenyo fan forums. 

 - You can replace the cigarette with a pencil or any other similar size object that can be cut.

 - This is a classic and there is good reason why this has been a best seller from Tenyo since 1981.

 - Frequently copied but we are very pleased to stock the original.

Watch the video demo:

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