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110 Tricks with a Stripper...
Magic Books

110 Tricks with a Stripper Deck

The latest update of this classic trick. A revision of Al Stevenson's 75 tricks book, with over 60 new effects.
110 Tricks with a Svengali...
Magic Books

110 Tricks with a Svengali Deck (Paperback)

Finally, an updated book on this great deck of cards. This is a revision of the Al Stevenson book with over 70 new entries and modern effects.
31 Easy & Effective Card...
Conjuring Sets

31 Easy & Effective Card Trick Set

Simple but effective card magic set with 31 stunning card tricks and a deck of cards to amaze your friends and family.
4-D Cross 4-D Cross 2
Tenyo Magic

4-D Cross

An impossible penetration!! Two solid and identical sticks penetrate each other inside a snugly-fitting cross shaped tube!
Arthur by Chris Wiehl Arthur by Chris Wiehl 2
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Close Up Magic

Arthur by Chris Wiehl

Like the tale of King Arthur, a freely chosen card, placed half way into the deck is held solid as a rock.
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