Magic makes a wonderful gift. It is unique entertaining and just a little bit frivolous, everything a good gift should be!

The right magical gift can be bring hours of entertainment and might just spark a life long interest in this wonderful art.


So what should you buy? 


Well there is no simple answer to that but with over 40 years in the business we can point you in the right direction. We have a range of options for all budgets, tastes, ages and skillsets.  


If you are looking for a good place to start check out our TOP TEN MAGIC TRICKS or HIGHLY RECOMMENDED sections. These sections are updated frequently and have a blend of classic and new magic. 


Here are a few of my personal recommendations…

Authentic Magic Wands £21.99

Our unique wands are just beautiful. 

They are handmade in England by our award winning craftsman and come boxed up with a list of spells and two tricks to get you started. 

You can even personalise the certificate that comes with this wand with the name of the lucky recipient. 

This is a gift to remember and to cherish. Give it a swoosh and they will unleash their inner Harry Potter! 

Avaliable in Yew, Apple and Oak wood. 

Tenyo Magic Tricks - from  £11.99

Tenyo Co Ltd from Japan are world famous for inventing truly innovative and impressive magic tricks that are fun and easy to perform. 

They focus on close-up magic that looks impressive and has become highly collectable. 

There is something to suit all tastes. Take a look, I am sure whoever receives this as a gift will be delighted. 

The Al Baker Deck £9.99

Our favourite gimmicked deck!

A top seller of ours for many many years and for good reason.  

Treat it as a normal deck but you can easily force a card. Comes with instructions on how to perform several unique tricks.

Hours of entertainment with just this one deck. Made in our Bristol workshop from best quality bicycle cards. Whats not to love. 

Nostalgic Joke Shop Classic Set -  £4.99

Its not all magic, nearly 50 years ago we set up our Joke Shop. 

With this set you will get some of our wonderful artwork together with a decent selection of classic joke shop items. 

Fantastic value at under £5. Relive your childhood or introduce it to one of your kids. 

The Illusion Card Box £24.99

This is the ultimate card illusion and when I saw it being performed in London many years ago I just knew I had to have it. 

A clever box does nearly all the work for you. 

You cannot go wrong with this one.  

Coin Unique - from  £19.99 

Professional coin magic at its very best. 

This gimmicked coins packs a real punch.

One of our top selling tricks for years, come with instructions for several routines. 

If you want to start someone off in magic this is the way to go. They will be performing stunning natural looking tricks in minutes. The coins really do all the hard work.