Outrageous Card Magic for Adults

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Three stunning professional magic card tricks for adults. The sort of card tricks you see on TV.

Do you know what I dislike about regular magic sets? The ones that promise to deliver dozens or even hundreds of tricks? The packaging looks great but they often lack imagination and the tricks have no WOW factor when performed.

I want to entice the lucky recipient of this set into the wonderful world of card magic. Three stunning professional tricks, hand picked by me, boxed up in beautiful package which will not be found in any ordinary magic gift set.

Dont be like Uncle Derek trotting out the same boring card trick around the Christmas dinner table year in year out.

The Al Baker Deck is assembled in our Bristol magic shop from the Rolls Royce of playing cards the world famous bicycle deck. This deck is:

  • Favoured by you it has been our best selling deck for many years.
  • Favoured by me its my go to deck when performing card magic.
  • Practically self-working perform card tricks you never thought possible.
  • Versatile comes with easy to follow instructions for several stunning tricks.

Card-Toon is possible the most charming trick that you will come across. A spectator names a card and a little stick man printed on the back of the deck pulls the named card out of a top hat. Very visual watch the video demo below.

Ouch! is a lovely, workable, unusual and visual magic trick that will floor your audience. Outrageously impossible magic that will stun and even scare your audience. Two distinct blisters appear on your fingers in the shape of a card chosen by a spectator!

Be less Uncle Derek and be more WOW!

Please note, this professional set is designed for adults and is not suitable for under 18s but fear not, we have plenty of magic with the same WOW factor aimed at a younger audience.

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