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By Nathan B. on 18 July 2018 :
Product rated : Fortune Telling Swami

The Swami Knows All....

So, I ordered this as an alternative to a trick I remembered from my youth.
This is worth every, single, penny. I kid you not..
The first time I performed it was in front of the girlfriend in the kitchen . She was taken aback by the Swami card and pestered me all night to reveal it. In the face of various threats, I managed to hold to the Magician's Code and reveal nothing.
The following night, we were at the local and I asked everybody to use their ' strongest finger' to pin down the card that she had signed and project their thoughts of her into the card .
The roar of laughter that followed the reveal (The Swami was being really cheeky that night) more than made up for the ding around the back of my head I received from my girlfriend...

The set up is seconds. Takes very little practice. And the look on their faces is worth it every time. Do it.

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By Sam B. on 13 May 2018 :
Product rated : Houdini Ghost Coin

Fun to perform

This is a nice little pocket trick. I love the connection to Houdini, it is not too difficult to perform and the coin is good quality. I would recommend trialling a few glasses to find the one that works best with the secret gimmick. You will soon know when you have found the right one!

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