Street Magic

Street Magic is close-up, under your nose, in your face magic the sort you commonly see on TV today. These are tricks with coins, paper, cards and all sorts of others props. Street magic is more popular than ever today which makes it easy to forget its been around for thousands of years!At Magic by Post street magic is both our speciality and favourite type of magic. This is because it can be performed anytime, anywhere and nearly always fully surrounded.Nearly all our tricks are suitable for street performances by this we mean down the pub, at parties or with friends and family so if you cant find what you are looking for in this section check out the rest of our collection!

Bandwidth by Greg Wilson Bandwidth by Greg Wilson 2
Street Magic

Bandwidth by Greg Wilson

BANDWIDTH is a seemingly impromptu miracle that allows you to borrow a spectator's finger ring and stretch it out like soft metal. You can then morph manipulate it back to is previous circular form.
Bicycle Skull Deck Bicycle Skull Deck 2
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Card Tricks

Bicycle Skull Deck

£8.79 £10.99
Add a scary twist to any card routine. The most famous card back design is now descending into the hands of collectors and performers with it's new Skull Deck bone white Rider Backs. Includes extra gaffed cards and some special routines.
Billfold by Kyle Marlett Billfold by Kyle Marlett 2
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Street Magic

Billfold by Kyle Marlett

DVD and Gimmicks included. Morph credit cards, playing cards, sweet wrappers, tickets, and cheques into real currency without any perceptible finger movement. Use ANY currency-even plastic money.
Burn Notice by Takel Burn Notice by Takel 2
Matchbox Magic

Burn Notice by Takel

The organic looking Mystery Box plot which allows you to produce any signed card with no forces or dupes and resets in seconds.
Coin to Nest of Boxes
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Money Magic

Coin to Nest of Boxes

A coin is vanished and is found inside a bag that was in a box inside another box! 
Coin Unique - 10p /2p version Coin Unique - 10p /2p version 2
Money Magic

Coin Unique - 10p /2p version

Precision engineered from the UK 10p and 2p this special little coin packs a powerful punch allowing you to easily perform close-up coin magic that you wouldn't believe was possible. 
Coin Unique - New £1 /1p...
Money Magic

Coin Unique - New £1 /1p version

Precision engineered from the new 12-sided £1, this special little coin packs a powerful punch allowing you to easily perform close-up coin magic that you wouldn't believe was possible. 
Copper Silver - 10p / 2p...
Money Magic

Copper Silver - 10p / 2p version

A superb trick for the beginner and a stunning trick for the expert magician.This is the 10p / 2p version of the classic copper / silver coin trick.
Cortana by Felix Bodden Cortana by Felix Bodden 2
Street Magic

Cortana by Felix Bodden

Cortana Felix Bodden, from the Dominican Republic, has created the fairest penetration effect with nothing but a playing card and any note in play.
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