Street Magic is close-up, under your nose, in your face magic the sort you commonly see on TV today. These are tricks with coins, paper, cards and all sorts of others props. Street magic is more popular than ever today which makes it easy to forget its been around for thousands of years!At Magic by Post street magic is both our speciality and favourite type of magic. This is because it can be performed anytime, anywhere and nearly always fully surrounded.Nearly all our tricks are suitable for street performances by this we mean down the pub, at parties or with friends and family so if you cant find what you are looking for in this section check out the rest of our collection!

Bandwidth by Greg Wilson Bandwidth by Greg Wilson 2
Street Magic

Bandwidth by Greg Wilson

BANDWIDTH is a seemingly impromptu miracle that allows you to borrow a spectator's finger ring and stretch it out like soft metal. You can then morph manipulate it back to is previous circular form.
The Three Shell Game
Street Magic

The Three Shell Game

A pocket act that has intrigued and entertained audiences for many years. Ideal for the close up worker, your audience will never 'find the pea'
Token by SansMinds Creative...
Street Magic

Token by SansMinds Creative Lab

Imagine having a straw magically fold itself bit by bit into a origami heart. Your spectator can see it up close and they get to keep it in the end.
The Skeleton Key The Skeleton Key 2
Street Magic

The Skeleton Key

The magician displays a very old looking silver key in his hand and starts to move the teeth completely around the shaft of the key. Then the teeth are moved up and down the shaft. The spectator cannot move the teeth, they are stuck where the magician left them.
Cortana by Felix Bodden Cortana by Felix Bodden 2
Street Magic

Cortana by Felix Bodden

Cortana Felix Bodden, from the Dominican Republic, has created the fairest penetration effect with nothing but a playing card and any note in play.
Street Magicians Prediction...
Street Magic

Street Magicians Prediction (The Swami Gimmick)

Ask someone to think of a number between 1 and 999. Then hold your note pad in front of you and write down a number, ask the number they thought of, turn the note pad around and show them the number you have written down is their number.
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Matchbox Magic


Just imagine picking up a matchbox, removing the inner tray from the outer cover and showing both parts all round. No hanging threads or gut lengths nothing to add or take away. Held upright in the hand, the inner tray starts to rise slowly until it has risen fully.
Hell Bent Hell Bent 2
Street Magic

Hell Bent

Now you can do psychic key bending!
Paul Harris Presents Wings...
Card Tricks

Paul Harris Presents Wings by Matthew Mello

A stunning visual card trick that will leave your audience gob smacked. The angel on the back of the card actually flaps its wings! An odd and beautiful sight.
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