Street Magic is close-up, under your nose, in your face magic the sort you commonly see on TV today. These are tricks with coins, paper, cards and all sorts of others props. Street magic is more popular than ever today which makes it easy to forget its been around for thousands of years!At Magic by Post street magic is both our speciality and favourite type of magic. This is because it can be performed anytime, anywhere and nearly always fully surrounded.Nearly all our tricks are suitable for street performances by this we mean down the pub, at parties or with friends and family so if you cant find what you are looking for in this section check out the rest of our collection!

The Raven
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Street Magic

The Raven

The Raven is one of the cleverest and cleanest devices to make a coin vanish. Gimmick and teaching DVD included.


Escape like Houdini from these sturdy thumbcuffs. 
Bicycle Skull Deck Bicycle Skull Deck 2
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Card Tricks

Bicycle Skull Deck

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Add a scary twist to any card routine. The most famous card back design is now descending into the hands of collectors and performers with it's new Skull Deck bone white Rider Backs. Includes extra gaffed cards and some special routines.
The Web Trick by Jim Pace The Web Trick by Jim Pace 2
Card Tricks

The Web Trick by Jim Pace

The Web Trick is a card trick with a surprise ending that will make your audience jump.
SvenPad® Ultimate Edition SvenPad® Ultimate Edition 2
Mind Magic

SvenPad® Ultimate Edition

Reveal words. Reveal drawings. In fact, why not do both? The performer starts out far ahead, using a variety of powerful techniques. This SvenPad® is destined to become one of your favourite mind-reading utility devices, and should open new mind reading possibilities. Get inside your spectators head.
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