Tenyo Co Ltd from Japan is world famous for producing truly innovative and impressive magic tricks that are loved by those who use them.  Tenyo employ a team of inventors who are responsible for releasing around 4 tricks each year. 

Tenyo specialise in close-up tricks, that are easy to learn and are a joy to perform. Their tricks last for years and are meticulously thought out. Whole fan forums and magic blogs are dedicated to their magic. 

To date, Tenyo have released nearly 300 magic tricks but many have been discontinued and are now hugely collectable and expensive. 

Magic by Post have been selling Tenyo magic since the 1980’s.  Be aware of cheaper and inferior copies on the market, we only import the original and we have priced them competitively.

Take a look at our top picks from the Tenyo collection. These tricks are loved by Tenyo fan forums, loved by us and I am confident they will be loved by you. 

Magical MRI Magical MRI 2
Tenyo Magic

Magical MRI

Perform impossible feats of X-Ray vision with this clever Tenyo trick. 
Flash Dice Flash Dice 2
Out of stock
Tenyo Magic

Flash Dice

A classic Tenyo product with dice with a kicker ending.
Psycho Gravity Psycho Gravity 2
Tenyo Magic

Psycho Gravity

A spectator is invited up to select one of four fruits on a board at random. The board is then tilted on one edge to form a ramp and a wheel is placed at the top.  Instead of rolling all the way down, it stops at the point of the missing fruit.
Mentalist Flash Card
  • On sale!
Tenyo Magic

Mentalist Flash Card

£12.59 £13.99
Flash cards are a mindreading miracle with devilishly clever ideas and is easily mastered using the special flash cards included. Even when knowledgeable magicians watch this trick, phrases like "That's impossible!" automatically come out of their mouths.
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