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Bicycle Knockout Deck

Bicycle Knockout Deck


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Baffle your audiences with this incredible card trick that keeps on surprising.

Now with step-by-step magic training.

Start with the deck of cards spread with blue backs shown. Then spread the deck face up so all the cards are shown to be different. A spectator then selects a card and magically that card jumps to the top of the deck. But even more amazing than that, the entire deck is then spread to show that ALL the cards have become the spectators card. And the magic doesn't stop there... the cards are spread face down again to reveal they now all have red backs.

Ben Salinas will perform and teach you this amazing trick for fast and fun mastery.
Step-by-step directions included with Knockout Deck.

What the magic forums say:

 - I love the visual effect to this trick. It's a WOW to a WTF just happened type of trick. 

 - I really like this effect. It's one of those that fall into the 'very easy to do yet packs a nice punch category'

 - This is a great trick, I saw it performed and purchased it immediately. 

 - I give this trick an 'A'. It can be performed with ease. 

 - Knockout is a really strong effect.

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