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Bird Watcher

Bird Watcher


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Super rare sought after Tenyo trick that has long been discontinued. We only have one of this wonderful trick. Brand new with English instructions.

In late 2021 we stumbled across a dusty box in our magic shop when making some renovations. When we opened it, to our surprise it was full of brand new Tenyo tricks from nearly 20 years previous. A shipment we lost! Some of this tricks are very rare. One of each has been added to our own personal collection but we are selling the rest. The price reflects their rarity and collectability. As our stock gets lower the price will increase. We are happy holding on to them!

While your back is turned, a spectator arranges the pictures of birds in any way desired.As soon as you turn around, you can instantly and accurately state the number of birds showing.Finally, you can instantly state the number of birds, even after the cards are shut tightly inside a case!!

You explain that your new hobby birdwatching. With unbelievable speed, you demonstrate your ability to count how many birds are showing.

Finally, you demonstrate your ability to divine how many birds are inside of a closed case, without looking. Your audience will be taken aback by your super-human skill.

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