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Burglar Ball

Burglar Ball


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A solid ball penetrates a secure box right in front your audience and everything can be examined. 

An amazing trick featuring a clear box, a solid lid, a hanky,  a solid ball and a rubber band.

The lid is placed on a box and the whole thing is secured with a rubber band.

The box is covered with a hanky and the ball is place on top of the box.

The spectator now watches the ball sink into the box and when the hanky is removed the ball really is in the secured box. You can even pass it our to the spectator for examination. 

Developed by Shigeru Sugawara and released by Tenyo in 1994.

Why is this Tenyo trick in our collection?

 - A popular Tenyo fan forum gives this effect a rating of 10 / 10.

 - Everything can be examined. 

 - Copied but we really like the quality of the Tenyo original. 

 - This can be performed with or without the hanky (hanky not included).

 - A deeply deceptive trick that has proved popular for a quarter of a century. 

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