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The Changeling by Marc Lavelle is a fully customisable VISUAL bill switch gimmick where size, colour, or even currency does not matter! Gimmick and DVD included.

This took the 2015 Blackpool magic convention by storm and has been very popular ever since.

There are dozens of ways the change can occur, from a highly visual morph in the performers hands, to a very discrete switch in the SPECTATORS own hand! 

There are three fully worked and highly responsive routines performed and taught in detail on this DVD, but there are many, MANY other routine possibilities - some of which are suggested in the discussion section. 

Effects taught: 

Bill Monte: 
A modern demonstration of an old bet, where two notes change places in an instant, whilst the spectator has their hand on one of them! 

Note-Possible: A signed, borrowed note changes in the spectators hand for a lesser value note (or coupon etc) as a kicker, their signed note appears in your (card to) wallet! 

Two Bill Transpo: This will truly mess with your spectators heads! A borrowed note is isolated in a glass between their hands. Then, in an instant, it visibly switches with a note placed on the palm of the magicians hand! 

All routines taught can be performed in so many different ways, with loads and loads of handling options, to suit every style of performer!

Marc Lavelle has come with a real treat with this trick. From his Blackpool performance Marc answered some FAQ's which I know will help Magic by Post customers:

Yes, it can be done with ANY currency, even plastic notes, although you may have to iron (indirectly, through paper etc) the notes to be able to fold them to size to be placed in your spec's hand. 

Yes there are other (at least a dozen) ways to activate the change, to suit different performance styles. If you are not comfortable putting cash or a gimmick in a spec's hand, although the routines on the DVD cover everything to be your cash back as part of the routine! 

No, you do not have to permanently damage any notes to make your gimmick - everything is salvageable, should your wish to deconstruct/rebuild your gimmick for any reason 

Yes, they are long lasting! My first one lasted me almost 10 months of regular use, I only changed it as it was getting noticably grubby looking through being used so much! (The gimmick I used at Blackpool has been used AT LEAST 600 times! 

No, it doesn't have to be used as a bill switch! You can use it to reveal a force card/word ect, use it for a pseudo hypnosis routine (on paper, not cash!), ink changing effects, plus other ideas!

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