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Classics of Magic: Thumb Tip Set

Classics of Magic: Thumb Tip Set


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One of the most powerful gimmicks in a magicians armoury. 

Imagine being able to cause any small object to vanish in the palm of your hand. Well it is possible with this set centred around one of the oldest and greatest gimmicks in the world, the magicians thump tip. 

Get the most from this gimmick and the magical opportunities it brings, this set includes: 

1 x classic Vernet thumb tip - in our mind these are the best in the world. Not to be confused with cheap versions found in other sets, these are the real deal and are so natural they can be compared to orthopaedic appliances. Sorry but these are currently only available in pale flesh colour present. Fits any standard hand size (if you have extra small or extra large hands this thumb tip may not fit). 

1 x Thump Tip Booklet - contains 101 tricks so you can get the very best from your new best friend. 

1 x magicians silk for use with your Thumb tip. 

What I love about the thump tip is that it is very versatile, easy to perform and you can carry it around in your pocket. You will start with a very basis silk vanish and then your tricks will grow from there.

Every magician needs to master this gimmick, get yours today. This is also packed up nicely and will make a lovely gift to any aspiring magician. 

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