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Coin Unique - 10p /2p version

Coin Unique - 10p /2p version


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This is the 10p / 2p version of our best selling coin trick that is precision engineered from real coins.

This special little coin packs a powerful punch. Your unsuspecting spectators will not tell that the coin is gimmicked even through casual handling themselves and it’s wonderful design does all the work for you.

  • Precision engineered from real coins.
  • Manufactured in England to the highest standard.
  • Tried and tested by us, this will last you many years to come.

You will be performing close-up, in your face, street magic with coins. Just follow the the instructions supplied that start with a full explanation of the basic hand vanish and then move on to many more clever vanishing and penetration routines. 

For several decades we partnered with Eddie Gibson whose precision work with coins thrilled amateur and professional magicians alike and we were proud to work with him until the end.  His £1 / 1p coin unique was his best selling trick and one of the best around.

Sadly Eddie passed away in September 2017 age 84, fittingly just days afterwards the old £1 coin was taken out of circulation and we retired our remaining stock and took the trick offline.

Why buy from us?

It has taken us a long 12-month search to find a new manufacturer of this wonderful trick. 

We have tested and rejected coins from several suppliers and have taken our time to find the right person who is skilled at engineering these coins for magic and who has been doing this right for years.  We intend to partner with him for years to come and will never import inferior copies from overseas.

We only make a modest mark-up on these coins. We order in small batches focusing on quality over cost but at a price that is still competitive.

Beware of cheaper inferior copies on the market.  Trust me, not all coin uniques are created equally.  This is one of those tricks where you should buy right and buy once.

We will also include several pages of instructions covering some of Eddies favourite tried and tested routines.

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