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Dice Bomb Plus

Dice Bomb Plus


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A large dice vanishes and inside the box there are now eight small dice. New and improved version. 

Show your audience a white die inside a transparent container. Shake the container and instantly, without any cover or suspicious move, the die “explodes” changing into 8 tiny white dice! The die can also change into a ball, a sugar cube, etc. With this set another routine, which raises the level of magic and mystery in the effect, is also possible. Here it follows: show the die inside the transparent case. Ask a spectator choose one of three differently coloured dice. Now shake the case and, instantly, the white die changes to the colour of the selected die! 

Easy and powerful, we are very proud of this new model of dice bomb. The features that make it unique are the following:

  • The item is completely examinable at the end of the effect.
  • The transparent plastic of the container is now crystal clear.
  • The larger die is made from plastic, as any normal dice would be, and this makes the trick even more indecipherable.
  • The lid is entirely made of plastic and can be handed out for examination.

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