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Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath


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Instantly your blue mint turns into a red one. Blow on the tin itself and ALL the mints change to red ones!

Open a tin of blue wintergreen mints. Hand a few out to friends who need one and take one out for yourself.  Instantly your blue mint turns into a red cinnamon one. Eat it, then blow on the tin itself. ALL the mints in the tin now change to red cinnamon ones!

•   Dragon Breath effects are structured in such a way that you start and end totally clean!

•   Dragon Breath utilises one tin and only one tin. Absolutely no switches or need to carry additional items!

•   Dragon Breath is 100% examinable. Spectators are free to pass around the tin afterwards and even eat the mints!

•   Dragon Breath allows you to customise your routine. Make mints turn into Red Hots, Orange Tic Tacs, Tiny Chiclets, Nerds... It’s totally up to you!

•   Comes with teaching DVD.

Note from Magic by Post

Brian Platt is carving a real name for himself in America with top quality magic props, this is no exception and is highly recommended in magic forums (see below). We like this trick because its something different using every day objects. Brian talks about a tin of Altoids. These are a brand of mints created in London in the 18th century but are now more widely known in America. Don’t let this put you off – you can use whatever mints or sweets you like!

What the magic forums say

Before we stock a new trick, we test is ourselves in front of a live audience and then also see what the magic forums have to say. Here is a selection of comments from the top 3 magic forums:

  • Wow - the Dragon Breath effect looks outstanding!
  • Easy to perform with a little practice – 9/10 for me.
  • I must say all the stuff put out from this guy is pure gold! With a little work you can make the open tin of mint change to anything you want while the spectator is holding it!
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