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Flite by Steve Thompson

Flite by Steve Thompson


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Make their ring vanish and appear attached to your keychain while they're holding it!

The gimmick has been engineered with a deceptive, easy load method. This means you can vanish the ring and make it appear in one fluid action as you take them out of your pocket. Because their ring actually ends up attached to the keyring itself you can even let them get microscopically close and pull right on it. It really is on there. 

We love this one and think you will too. This is one of those tricks that is so simple but it will blow your mind. Don't take our word for it, the magic forums love it, I have copied some of the comments from one below.

FLITE is a ring flight gimmick, re-engineered.

- No threads.
- No clips.
- No magnets.
- 100% safe and secure.
- Loads easily.
- Unlinks easily.
- Resets instantly - perfect for walk-around and restaurant work.
- Can be repeated instantly.
- Can be handled by the spectator.
- Can be used as a visual effect.
- Links multiple rings at a time.
- Performable while surrounded.
... and is always ready to go!

Watch the video demo...

What the magic forums say...

The simplicity, excellence and value of this device is extraordinary. In my opinion this deserved to be in consideration for 'Trick of the Year'

Jared, Magic Cafe Forum

I think this is exceptional and ticks every single box. Its practical to carry, its super easy to do and the illusion is absolutely perfect. I honestly feel that this is the holy grail of methods for a non reel ring flight. 

Gaz Lawrence, Magic Cafe Forum

I honestly believe this to the the final chapter on ring flight methods. Simplicity at its finest. Quality gimmick and way better than I expected. 

Lonnie Lyerla, Magic Cafe Forum

I just got Flite over the weekend and I'm blown away, this is a keeper! Incredibly simple and effective method, superb build quality and vert good teaching. It's already passed the wife test and with flying colours and I can't wait to try it at gigs, when I can. Two big thumbs up for this product. 

Simon Hughes, Magic Cafe Forum

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