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Free Lizzy

Free Lizzy


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A quality, simple, outrageously puzzling coin trick.

I am delighted to re-introduce this amazing trick in memory of Queen Elizabeth II.

A 50p coin is marked by your spectator, placed in the coin case and is in full view through the hole in the case. Under the nose of your spectator the marked 50p coin vanishes from the coin case and is found in a jar full of coins that has been in full view at all times! 

You are supplied with a quality Boston type brass coin box that has been made to our exact specification by a small engineering company locally to our Bristol magic shop to specifically work with British coins (although many other coins can also be used).

Free Lizzy is my routine that I have been using with great success for some time now. You will get instructions on how to perform my routine plus the original instructions from Viking with more information. You will also need (not supplied):

 - a pen that is capable of marking the 50p coin e.g. a marker

 - a small jar, ideally with a lid containing random loose change. I use an M & S spice jar. It is shorter and wider than most spice jars and I       find it works well but any jar or small container will do.

This is lots of fun to perform and once you have mastered the two basic moves required to pull off this trick the coin box can be a great utility prop to vanish a marked coin. A nice feature about this coin box is the hole in the middle that allows the coin to stay in full view right up until it vanishes.

Take a look at the video below but note this uses the smaller coin box that used a 20p coin. This one is bigger and better!

If it is important to you the routine can be easily adapted to allow your audience to examine the coin box. 

This is a great stand-alone trick but you can take it even further by using it with our Coin to Nest of Boxes. Instead of the marked coin being found in a jar it is found in the middle of a nest of gold containers. This really is a stunning combination of products. 

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