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Hopping Halves by Roy Kueppers

Hopping Halves by Roy Kueppers


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This trick is also known as the Confusing Coins invented by Scottish magician Jim Boyd in the 1960’s. Jim got in contact with us in January 2023 and you can learn more about its history and an exclusive extra bonus we will add to this version if you buy from us below.

The Trick

Both sides of two coins are shown. You remove the coin from your hand and place it into your pocket but when you open your hand, both coins are still there. You remove the other coin from your hand and place it into your pocket and again, when you open your hand, both coins are still there. Once more you remove the coin from your hand and place it into your pocket but when you open your hand both coins are still there. Now you very carefully remove one coin from your hand, showing both sides as you place it into your pocket but this time when you open your hand, both coins are gone.



The Set

6 pieces included: 

1 Expanded Half Dollar shell, 1 Regular Half Dollar, 1 Expanded English Penny Shell, 1 Regular English Penny Shell, 1 Copper/Silver coin and 1 Regular English Penny

Why buy this version?

This is an original Roy Kueppers product from his workshop in Las Vegas. Our 'coin man' retired in 2022 and over a 12 month period we tested many different UK manufacturers of coin tricks but none reached our high standards. I really didn’t want to loose this trick so I looked on the world stage and Roy’s tricks get incredible reviews.

Yes this version is pricey but we have only applied a modest markup and think its an investment for a wonderful set that you won’t be disappointed with.

In Roy's own words ‘ I am a Magician and Master Machinist, and since 1991, I have combined my passion for magic with my skills as an artisan to design & manufacture precision magic props for magicians around the world. Along with my custom work, I now offer a select line of stock products, all of which I personally create. Many of my products are also tested and critiqued by a select group of other magicians I have found to be a source of inspiration and a good "second opinion" on my products. This ensures that you get the best possible end product available for spreading the joy of magic throughout the world.’

Grab a piece of Magical History

In April 1967 (9 years before we even started selling magic!) a little known Scottish magician called Jim Boyd published a trick called ‘Confusing Coins’ in the Gen Magazine. 

The Gen was a monthly magic magazine published between 1945 and 1971 by Harry Stanley.  Practically every great magician of this time either contributed or was featured in this magazine and it has left a legacy that it still felt in the magic world today.

Harry sold the best of the featured tricks and routines through his Unique Magic Studio in London’s Soho (absorbed by the Supreme Magic Company in 1970).

Jim may have been one of the lesser know contributors but this trick packed a huge punch and turned out to be one of most successful coin routines of all time.  Fittingly Jim had just qualified as a Chartered Accountant when he released this trick and he used an British half crown and penny to wow his audience.

Since 1967 this trick has been sold under different names by many different companies most of whom sadly fail to credit Jim with this wonderful trick.

It is also know as the Hopping Halves or Returning Coins.

Buy from us and we will include a paper copy of the Gen extract outlining Jim’s routine together with a link to the online instructions from Roy Kueppers. 

Update 2023

Jim actually contacted us at the start of the year to thank us for this small write up and to say 'I would add that after the Penny has been genuinely taken for a second time, the spectator is used to the move, so you .can pretend to take another Penny (but in reality NO Penny is physically taken). Thus giving a "bonus" to the effect'. Thanks for reaching out Jim! 

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