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Invisible Deck - Bicycle Poker

Invisible Deck - Bicycle Poker


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Performer fans deck and picks out mentally selected card. No skill needed. Instructions included.

Friends will call you a mind reader, guaranteed.

Have them select an invisible card. They merely think of their selected card and replace it face up in your face down invisible deck.

Now you pick up a visible deck that has been sitting in full view the entire time. Now listen to this. When the visible deck is fanned face up only one card is found face down. The spectator himself removes the card. Believe it or not its their thought of card and it’s the only face up card in the entire pack.

You can repeat it again and again. When I perform this people just stare with their mouths open. A round of applause guaranteed!

You will get one special deck of bicycle cards. This could be a red or blue backed deck and please note, whilst the deck is brand new, the seal is broken as part of the production process. 

Why not get this amazing deck with a booklet with 30 amazing tips and tricks with the Invisible Deck Set

Watch Dynamo perform this trick with Rio Ferdinand:

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