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Jumping Aces

Jumping Aces


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This is one of the most classic packet tricks of all time. There are several variations available but they all follow the same basic principle where 4 aces are placed into separate packs of cards on a table but magically jump together. The great David Copperfield made this trick famous with his version called Grandpa's aces  (because it was taught to him by his Grandpa when he was child). This was a regular routine of his and, if it's good enough for David Copperfield, it's good enough for us! 

The magician draws the 4 aces from the deck, and adds 4 indifferent cards to each ace forming 4 piles, each with an ace and three indifferent cards. One at a time the aces disappear from three packets and all come together in the 4th packet.
The necessary special cards are provided, and clear instructions in English.

• Special cards are Bicycle cards.
• A normal red backed Bicycle deck of cards will also be required to perform the effect.

Watch David Copperfield in action with his version of the trick (with a little bit of extra sleight of hand thrown in I might add!). 

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Colin Howes
True Visual Miracle.

Yes that's right,a little practice and you will have A True Visual Miracle.Full written instructions and on line,which is very handy.