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Magic Candy Box

Magic Candy Box


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Easy to do magic, make objects appear and vanish with this magic box.

This is a plastic version of the popular dove pan effect but has the added advantage of making items vanish as well as appear. This extraordinary prop works both ways!

The magician shows the box empty. The cover is put on and the magician mumbles a few magic words. When the cover is removed, the box is magically full of either candy, popcorn or even a small cake! Anything that will fit inside!

You can even make all these disappear again.  Absolutely self working and no practice required.

Measures Approximately 5"(12.7cm) x 5"(12.7cm) x 3.5"(8.3cm) A very handy utility prop for any magician.  

Please note, colour of box may vary from that shown.

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Customer Reviews

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Colin Howes
Items can appear or disappear.

Unlike the dove pan which can only make items appear,the Magical Candy Box,can make items appear,then the same items can disappear if you want to.Great if one is a Children's Entertainer,with sweets appearing.On the back of the instruction leaflet,there are ten ideas,I am sure with a little imagination you will think of a lot more..