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Magnetic Thumb Tip

Magnetic Thumb Tip


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The Vernet's thumb tips are the most useful props in the world. They are so natural that they can be compared to an orthopaedic appliance.

The characteristics that make them unique are:

1. They are an exact copy of a human thumb that defies detection.
2. Made of semi-flexible unbreakable material.
3. Sorry only available in pale flesh colour at present.
4. The thumbs can be adapted to the hand by simply dipping it into hot water. Once the finger is soft it will take any shape you wish. Then dip into cold water gain to harden.

A fabulous development of the standard Thumb Tip. In the tip there is a powerful “rare earth” magnet that allows you to perform some really weird effects with such items as teaspoons, paper clips, rings, keys and the like. Astonishing and so simple.

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