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Mental Die

Mental Die


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Dice predictions made easy with this beautiful product.

The mentalist lets a spectator examine a small cylinder closed on one side, its lid and a die, all of them being made of brass. This may also happen with the magician’s back turned on the audience.

The spectator chooses a number from the die and puts the die back in the cylinder with his chosen number face up. Afterwards he closes the cylinder with its lid.

The performer turns back towards the audience, grabs the cylinder and after concentrating for a few seconds, names the chosen number.

In the end the spectator opens the cylinder showing the correct insight.

  •  A little jewel to always carry with you.
  • No need for table or any set up.
  • The item is made of metal with shiny gold plating. The die is a solid block.
  • Requires no skill and is immediately repeatable.
  • Any number of the die can be chosen, without any force.
  • The cylinder is 1.8 cm high and has a 2.7 cm diameter. The die measures 1.1 cm per side.

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