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Mind Surf by Dan Harlan

Mind Surf by Dan Harlan


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Any one of the four suits is freely named by a spectator (no magician's choice, force, leading, or linguistic deception of any kind). Upon removing four cards from a wallet the card which matches the spectator's chosen suit is the only one face down! What's more, the three face-up cards are Aces and the spectator's selection is turned over to reveal it is a King!

Comes complete with all the necessary, specially-printed Bicycle cards, wallet, and detailed, fully-illustrated 12-page instruction booklet. 

We love the magic from Dan Harlan. His famous Card-Toon trick has been one of our best selling card tricks for many years. This trick is easy to master and we love it. Dan released this trick many years ago and the feedback from magicians is still good today. 

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